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Science project proposal

Flag of the Science project proposal Science Foundation.

The NSF was established by the National Science Foundation Act of 1950. After the technology boom of the 1980s, both sides of the aisle have generally embraced the notion that government-funded basic research is essential for the nation’s economic health and global competitiveness, and for national defense. Various bills have been introduced to direct funds within the NSF. Although the federal government had established nearly 40 scientific organizations between 1910 and 1940, the US relied upon a primarily laissez-faire approach to scientific research and development. Academic research in science and engineering occasionally received federal funding. Within University laboratories, almost all support came from private contributions and charitable foundations. Amidst growing awareness that US military capability depended on strength in science and engineering, Congress considered several proposals to support research in these fields.

Most commonly, this debate is characterized by the conflict between New Deal Senator Harley M. Kilgore and OSRD head Vannevar Bush. Upon reexamining the historical record, scholars discovered that the NSF first appeared as a comprehensive New Deal Policy proposed by Sen. Vannevar Bush, an opponent of Kilgore, preferred science policy to be driven by experts and scientists rather than public and civil servants. Bush was concerned that public interests would politicize science, and believed that scientists would make the best judges of the direction and needs of their field. Sociologist Daniel Kleinman divides the debate into three broad legislative attempts.

The Magnuson bill was sponsored by Senator Warren Magnuson and drafted by the OSRD, headed by Vannevar Bush. After amendments, the Smith bill made it to President Truman’s desk, but it was vetoed. Truman wrote that he did so with regret, but that the proposed agency would have been «divorced from control by the people to an extent that implies a distinct lack of faith in the democratic process». Science project proposal third attempt began with the introduction of S. Truman signed Public Law 507, or 42 U.

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16 creating the National Science Foundation. Emphasis on international scientific and technological competition accelerated NSF growth. The foundation started the «Institutional Support Program», a capital funding program designed to build a research infrastructure among U. NSF budget growth in the 1960s. 7 million and 2,000 grants were made.

During this decade, increasing NSF involvement lead to a three-tiered system of internetworks managed by a mix of universities, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. By the mid-1980s, primary financial support for the growing project was assumed by the NSF. 1 billion for the first time. 2 billion for the first time. NSF funded the development of several curricula based on the NCTM standards, devised by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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