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Proposal thesis

The project is for Swimming pool with 43 proposal thesis area , BBQ grill, pump room , to be built for Mr.

Cardo Dalisay with an address of Noraville Subd. This proposal is a comprehensive estimate for the full range of services required to complete this project from start to finish. All materials, labor, goods and services are included in this estimate. Business proposal letter is one of the important parts of the proposal process. One of the role of business proposal letter is to convince your reader to read your proposal and let see the solution presented in your proposal. It is simply a letter that offer your product or service to your prospective client and give good reason of using them.

There are some instances that the proposal thesis do not have time to read the entire proposal and you have to provide a letter that contains the whole contents of a proposal. It is important to pay attention to the cover letter of the proposal and make it right. Pay attention with the format of your business proposal letter. The first step in writing a formal business proposal is to introduce the existing problem and its solution. State the task schedule and a budget. Include your objectives and plan of action for implementing your proposed solution.


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Explain the solution that you are trying to propose and how to achieve it. Provide the result of your plan as well as the persons who will be involved on the project other than the investors. Provides the methods of evaluation of your proposal and how you will prove that it can be successful. Shows the schedules by showing dates so that the investors or bank will trust you and know where to spent their money. You should also explain the budget necessary to carry out the proposed project.

Lastly, provide conclusion as well as the benefits of your proposal. Also, include a list of reference that is related to your study. The reader should immediately know the reason of writing. Provide background information about the problem as well as the propose solution. Give the propose solution to the problem.

Present the suggestion or methods to be used in order to solve the problem. State the cost of the project. Details the expenses as well as the benefits of your project. Provide conclusion by restating the problem and proposed solution.

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