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Finding sources for research papers

When Can You Trust an Finding sources for research papers Source?

Grace Fleming has a master’s degree in education and is an academic advisor and college enrollment counselor. She lectures and writes about study skills. It is your responsibility as a researcher to find and use trustworthy sources. In most cases, you should stay away from internet information that doesn’t provide the name of an author. While the information contained in the article may be true, it is more difficult to validate information if you don’t know the credentials of the author.

If the information is linked to an organization, try to determine the reliability of the sponsoring organization. One tip is the URL ending. If the site name ends with . Even so, you should be aware of political bias. If a site ends in . Government sites are usually good sources for statistics and objective reports. They can be very good sources or very poor sources, so you’ll have to take care to research their possible agendas or political biases if they exist.

You can find valuable information, statistics, and advice on that site. It provides a wealth of quality articles on its site. While it is entirely possible to find reliable information from a site finding sources for research papers this, be mindful of the political slant and acknowledge this in your work. A reputable journal or magazine should contain a bibliography for every article.

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The list of sources within that bibliography should be pretty extensive, and it should include scholarly non-Internet sources. Check for statistics and data within the article to back up the claims made by the author. Does the writer provide evidence to support his statements? Every television and print news source has a website.

To some extent, you can rely on the most trusted news sources such as CNN and the BBC, but you should not rely on them exclusively. After all, network and cable news stations are involved in entertainment. Think of them as a stepping stone to more reliable sources. What Sources Should You Avoid in Research? How Do Reporters Use the Internet to Improve Their Stories?

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