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Doing a dissertation

What’doing a dissertation it Like to do a PhD?

When Will you Finish Your PhD? You might be studying on the same programme, or in the same laboratory, as another student. You might be working in the same specialist area. You might even have the same supervisor. But your PhD will be completely unique, with its research aims, its own core findings and its own original contribution to knowledge.

That’s what makes it a PhD. With that said, there are a few components that are part of most PhD experiences. In this article we’ve picked what we think are seven common stages of PhD research and provided an overview of each one. But they doing a dissertation part of the vast majority of PhD experiences. Carrying out a literature review 3. Preparing a research proposal Strictly speaking, your research proposal isn’t part of your PhD.

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Instead it’s normally part of the PhD application process. It also explains why your work is worthwhile and why it fits with the expertise and objectives of your university. Finally, a PhD proposal explains how you plan to go about completing your doctorate. This involves identifying the existing scholarship your work will be in dialogue with and the methods you plan to use in your research. All of this means that, even though the proposal precedes the PhD itself, it plays a vital role in shaping your project and signposting the work you’ll be doing over the next three or more years.

What makes a good PhD research proposal? The research proposal is the most important component of a PhD application — and it plays a big role in defining the early stages of a doctorate. Our guide will help make sure yours is as strong as possible. Carrying out a literature review The literature review is normally the first thing you’ll tackle after beginning your PhD and having an initial meeting with your supervisor. Your supervisor will offer some advice and direction, after which you’ll identify, examine and evaluate existing data and scholarship. The aim will be to see how this work can inform your own research: whether it includes findings you need to take account of, presents useful methodologies to incorporate or even reaches conclusions you plan to challenge.

Whereas the bulk of a PhD involves original research, the literature review is where you demonstrate skills in scholarship. You’ll show that you comprehend the current state of your field at an advanced level and are therefore able to offer a new contribution to it through your PhD. Sometimes a literature review can also be evaluated as part of your MPhil upgrade. Research vs scholarship Research and scholarship are both important parts of a PhD. But they aren’t the same thing — and it’s helpful to know the difference.

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