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Dissertation outlines

1877 dissertation outlines of Mars by Giovanni Schiaparelli.

Dissertation outlines the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was erroneously believed that there were «canals» on the planet Mars. Mars, observed by astronomers using early low-resolution telescopes without photography. It is not necessarily odd that the idea of Martian canals was so readily accepted by many. At this time in the late 19th century, astronomical observations were made without photography. Astronomers had to stare for hours through their telescopes, waiting for a moment of still air when the image was clear, and then draw a picture of what they had seen. In 1889, American astronomer Charles A. Young reported that Schiaparelli’s canal discovery of 1877 had been confirmed in 1881, though new canals had appeared where there had not been any before, prompting «very important and perplexing» questions as to their origin.

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During the favourable opposition of 1892, W. Pickering observed numerous small circular black spots occurring at every intersection or starting-point of the «canals». During the oppositions of 1892 and 1894, seasonal color changes were reported. As the polar snows melted the adjacent seas appeared to overflow and spread out as far as the tropics, and were often seen to assume a distinctly green colour.

During the 1894 opposition, the idea that Schiaparelli’s canali were really irrigation canals made by intelligent beings was first hinted at, and then adopted as the only intelligible explanation, by American astronomer Percival Lowell and a few others. Mars by Rosetta spacecraft on 24 February 2007. The arrival of the United States’ Mariner 4 spacecraft in 1965, which took pictures revealing impact craters and a generally barren landscape, was the final nail in the coffin of the idea that Mars could be inhabited by higher forms of life, or that any canal features existed. A surface atmospheric pressure of 4.

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