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Creative writing themes

Creative writing themes for kids are so much fun to decorate — they allow for an enthusiastic display of creativity and expression adults rarely feel comfortable embracing for their own bedrooms, no matter how much they’d love to go back to a simpler age when superhero posters were just as acceptable as fine art.

White and cotton candy pink make this expertly-coordinated room extra sweet. Toy Story prints make a big impression covering the far wall, each with a unique frame for playful variety. Circles, squares, hearts, and flowers contribute to the lively atmosphere. This charming design is the work of Amir Sayed Mohamed Refaat, a designer working from Cairo. The pink rocking horse is adorable, and the kid-sized chairs pair so well with that fabulously unique circle-tufted headboard. Those wavy lamps are such a neat addition. The Yellow Umbrella by Taren Black and Artic Constellations by Katerina Nikolovska.

The printed wallpaper comes from an original 1950s design by Una Lindsey. Detailed bird illustrations offer a cheerful presence. Don’t you just love that little owl table lamp? This bright character is called Ti. Vedo by Matteo Ugolini, made of ceramic and outfitted with Edison bulb eyes. Grayscale interior design makes the color elements pop out. Plus, the neutral base is a functional choice because it’s easy to incorporate into future designs.

Yellow could be a fun color to themes with other additions if the young resident desires more variety in the future. Cutout circles on the yellow writing drawer pair so well with the LEGO storage heads, a subtle sub-theme within the overall design. The same yellow circles appear on the drawer of the floating television console. The raised console is particularly nice because it’s just the right height for getting to the drawers, while being easy to sweep beneath. This next bedroom, by Elena Sedova, sets a whimsical tone with flowing creative and soft textures throughout. Soft grays and pinks create a relaxing atmosphere ideal for cultivating sweet dreams and enjoying gentle morning sunshine.

The art of creative writing

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Much of the magic comes from individual details rather than expensive architecture, so it’s an especially accessible design. It’s gently lit from within to create a welcoming and functional retreat. The simple floor lamp and ballerina prints are among the few decorations near the bed. An uncluttered sleeping area is less distracting when early mornings call for a swift and productive sleep. The adorable decorations are easy to change out, while the gray walls and decorative wallpaper will grow with the child.

This neat interior by Pavel Alekseev combines industrial, rustic, and retro themes into one delightfully imaginative bedroom. The gray walls and strong wooden floor are sure to serve the child well until teenage years. It’s nice to see that the decor is easily engaging enough for children while stylish enough to please the parents too. A big scribbly bear print on the door adds a cool artistic element.

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