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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’creative writing stories not a robot.

Point your cursor to any number, read the prompt and then write your story! Start journaling your heart out today. My new book, The Journaling Life: 21 Types of Journals You Can Create to Express Yourself and Record Pieces of Your Life, is now available! FREE shipping anywhere in the US! Get a copy of Journal Sparks: 300 Questions to Journal About today and start experiencing the joy of journaling!

Don’t forget to download our free software for writers! Here are some creative writing prompts we’ve developed that you may find useful. We’ll be adding to these periodically, so check back often. These have been compiled by many people, please feel free to contact us if you think of any. We’ll be happy to add them.

Think back to a time when you say a stranger say or do something that that caught your attention. Write one page from the stranger’s point of view about what they are doing and why. Sometimes it’s a single image that sparks a story. Have you ever seen something in your mind’s eye that captured your imagination? Make sure to include a description of all the five senses to really set the tone for your piece.

Then try broadening your view of the image. A jewel-encrusted box is found in an ancient abandoned temple. Describe the box, what is in the box, and the temple. Take some time out of your day to people watch. This works especially well in a coffee shop, restaurant, or some other public place where interaction is the norm.

Jot down observations about the people writing you. Describe a loner, a couple, someone how works in creative public area. What’s their stories language say about them at this point in time? How does the employee react to those around him?

Creative writing essays

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Write down your first three memories. Are your memories vivid enough to construct a scene from? If not, could you fill in the details? Recall a vivid or perhaps reoccurring dream. Write one page, making the dream as believable as possible. Allow yourself to let go and create a drifting stream of consciousness account.

This gives you practice for writing surreal scenes and images in a story. Finish this thought: «I didn’t go to ____ looking for redemption, but somehow I found it. Write about a place where two rivers meet. There is a saying in the martial arts to describe the proper mind frame needed to become a master.

This is a state of mind that writers must strive for as well. If so how did it feel? What images does the phrase «Mind like water» bring towell your mind? Write a page about an embarrassing, or painful incident that happened to you. A short, usually funny story that is told at almost every family gathering.

In my family it’s the story of the time when I was three and disappeared from my mother’s side while she was hanging clothes out on the line. Now, I remember this even though I was only three, but I’ve heard the story so many times it’s hard to tell where my memory ends and the story begins. Is there a story like that in your family? Poems, or lyrics to songs are often times great sparks for an idea.

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