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Biz plans

Information technology and high-speed Internet are great enablers of small business biz plans, but with the benefits comes the need to guard against growing cyber threats.

As larger companies take steps to secure their systems, less secure small businesses are easier targets for cyber criminals. Step 2: Select topics to include in your custom cyber security planning guide Choose a topic below to decide whether to include it in your plan. Privacy and Data Security Include this topic for information about data handling and protection, data privacy, collecting data online, storage and security and lost or stolen data. Does your business handle or store sensitive data or data that includes personal information about your employees or your customers? Scams and Fraud Include this topic for information about phishing, social engineering, online fraud, identity theft, malicious software, telephone scams and more. All businesses can be susceptible to scams and fraud.

Therefore, we recommend this topic be part plans any basic cyber security plan. Do you wish to include this section? Network Security Include this topic for information biz computer networks, password policies, secure wireless connections, encryption, remote access, Internet access and more. Does your small business have a public website?

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Email Include this topic for information about filtering, employee training, email retention and management, and creating email policies. Mobile Devices Include this topic for information about mobile security practices, threats and emergency preparedness planning for small businesses and their employees. Does your business use any Internet-connected mobile technology, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets? Employees Include this topic for information about hiring, background checks, partner companies, access controls and security training. Does your business have more than one employee?

Facility Security Include this topic for information about your companyas physical security, including protection pf printed material, mail security and disposal of trash and electronic equipment. Does your small business have physical assets that need to be protected, including printed material and electronic equipment? Operational Security Include this topic for information about developing a plan to secure information and networks critical to business operations. Does your small business store data that would be valuable to cyber criminals, such as proprietary information valuable to your company’s operations or sensitive customer data, such as personally identifiable information? Payment Cards Include this topic for information about electronic transactions, secure services, access to payment systems, protecting and storing customer data and more. Does your business accept credit card payments or other electronic payments?

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